What is "Sirius Black and the Secret Keeper?"
"Sirius Black and the Secret Keeper" is a live action fan made
web series focusing on the character Sirius Black during the first wizarding war before Harry Potter was born. We are expanding on the backstory of JK Rowlings references to the first wizarding war in the books.

Well hold on there... who are you guys?
My name is Adam VillaSenor. Sirius Black and the Secret Keeper is my directorial debut, it is my first narrative piece, but my brother, Rey and I just do some projects for people on the side. We have a lot of great scripts and concepts in development and we would love to work with studios to bring them to that big silver screen.

Are you guys affiliated with JK Rowling, Warner Bros., or  any of the publishers?
We or the series is not affiliated with JK, WB, publishers, wizards, muggles or anyone who was with the films, books, or anything.
We are strictly a fan made film. I just always loved Sirius Black and I was never able to get enough of him, so I just wanted an expanded story for all the fans to enjoy!

Okay sweet, why should I pledge?
You most likely have seen our teaser of YouTube at some point over the last few days or weeks. While we are proud of what we have created so far, we know that we can step it up a couple of notches with better camera, equipment, props, wardrobes, and adding more production value to the mix to fully paint you within the magical world that we all love. Now with that being said the same goes for my original film that I am fundraising for called," The Anthology of Spheres"  and if I reach my goal then I will put the time and dedication into making more Sirius Black episodes. 

I live outside of the US. Can I still pledge.
Yes! We love everyone who enjoys our work and our own future original works, so if you are a fan of Harry Potter, you will be a fan of my original work "The Anthology of Spheres." If you have any questions please visit our contact page and I will make sure to sort all your questions out!

​I want to back the project but I havent much money! Will I still be able to help?
Of course! It all helps. It's called the rain drops in a bucket philosophy and we encourage you to do what you can!

I made my pledge. Now what?

Hey, you know what? You are one bad ass mofo and we thank you
very much. This project will only be successful by the fans spreading the word of the project and getting other backers so if you can help us get more raindrops in the bucket that would be sweet. We will also have tons of new featurettes and updates we will be posting weekly!
So tune in and sit back and enjoy until the full episode 1 becomes available at the end of our Kickstarter campaign.

Will you add more characters in the series with more episodes?
Oh yes. I will be adding characters you have already seen in the
HP films, ones in the books that you havent seen like how Gideon Prewett is in this one, and maybe some more expanded characters
that I dream up while still keeping it true to what Jo would want.

It says the episode is part one, how many episodes will there be?
This depends on if I reach my (Adam VillaSenor) goal for my own
original full length feature film to kickstart my film. If I reach my goal than I can put time into making more episodes for fans all across the
world to enjoy! Wooooo!

How do I tell people about Sirius Black and the Secret Keeper or
your own original project?
You can post on your facebook, twitter, email friends and your network, blog about it, write to you local or national newspapers, hand out fliers, word of mouth is definitely the most important. Also tell your friends to tell their friends about it and so on and so forth. (Kind of like when you had a secret in kindergarden and you told your friend next to you to pass it on.)

Wow. I saw the kickstarter and I saw that Adam got amnesia! What the hell happened?!
Here is the quick version of the story ladies and gentlemen. I hit my head, had a convulsion, my friend that was with me was a paramedic and saved my life, thank god he was there! Then I was on bedrest for 3 months and I was stuck between 3 different time zones according to my aunt who took care of me, and it was so insane. But out of all that
I am back in black and able to finish the first episode of Sirius Black and I started writing my own story called "The Anthology of Spheres" which I am raising funds for. 

Thank you guys very much for your pledge and I look forward to bringing all these amazing stories to life and I am glad you guys are on the amazing journey with me!